Slider with 2 thumbs for flex 4

For a project i needed a slider with 2 draggable thumbnails and a fixed middle track. It has a separate skin file, so skinning should be easy.
I havent seen one for flex 4, so i made one:

download source


  1. I am wondering if you have thought about how to use this to work with dates. I am looking for a way, similar to how google finance allows you to drag a thumb to expand/contract a date range. It seems like what you have here is pretty similar.

  2. You can use it with dates (i made a version with dates for a job).
    Simply use date.getTime() to get a number from dates.
    For example to set the minimum of the slider to 2005 nov. 21:

    var beg:Date = new Date(2005,10,21);
    mySlider.minimum = beg.getTime();

    In the renderer convert the back to human readable dates:
    var d:Date = new Date();
    thumb1.text = d.fullYear+". "+d.month;

  3. Hey, thanks for the great component!

    I was wondering about the license. Is it okay to use it in commercial projects?

    Best regards,

  4. Yes, you can use it, where you want it (my "license" is, that i'd be happy, if you mentioned where you got it, if its open source, or you send me a link of the completed project if possible)

  5. just a little comment to say thx.
    i am using your component to make a simple "chart zoom and scroll".

    i just "map" your component max and min to the chart axis max and min with liveupdate on :)